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Accept bitcoins in over 122 countries, 70 regional currencies

Amazing Features

Here are just a few of CoinPip’s awesome and easy-to-use features.

Bitcoin for all businesses

Accept bitcoins in your store or online.


Store payments in bitcoins or currency

Keep payments in bitcoins, or deposit directly to your local bank account.

Set prices in your currency of choice

We automatically calculate the current bitcoin price for your currency of choice.

QR Code / SMS Payment Capability

Instantly accept bitcoin from any mobile device using QR codes and SMS.

Multi Point-of-sales Terminals; One Central Account

Customers can pay instantly with bitcoin from anywhere within your store.

Keep more of your money

Tired of high transaction fees? CoinPip will not charge a processing fee. In addition we pay 1% bonus for each converted transaction.

Why use us?

Our vision at CoinPip is to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe and easy-to-use as any other form of money. We’re based in Singapore, one of the most exciting places on the planet for technological innovation. Our team has worked on high-tech projects across the globe. Starting in the Asian market, we’ll be bringing the power of the CoinPip wallets and payment solution into the world marketplace, one business and customer at a time.

  • Bank-Grade hardware and security
  • Withdraw your bitcoins or local currency balance at any time.
  • Our team of bitcoin payment experts will help you craft a winning strategy.
  • Easy and well-documented API makes custom development easy.

The only bitcoin payment system built for Asia

At CoinPip, we’re committed to bringing mass adoption of bitcoin to Asia. We’re based in Southeast Asia, and we’ve built our system to take advantage of practical, established technologies, like SMS, that will bring bitcoin’s promise into the real world. Mass adoption can only happen when technology and culture connect on a deeper level, and that’s exactly what we do at CoinPip.

Host your own


There’s no better way to “learn by doing” than at a bitcoin party! Learn how to:

Set Up Wallets

BOOST teaches newcomers how to easily set up bitcoin wallets. Master cold wallets, hot wallets and even cloud wallets in minutes.

Buy Bitcoin

Buying bitcoin has never been easier! Skip the hassle and delays of buying from an exchange, and purchase bitcoin directly from our partners.

Spend Bitcoin

There’s no better way to learn about bitcoin than to spend a little. Food, drinks and other items are available for bitcoin from BOOST merchants.

Our Team

The founding members of CoinPip

Anson Zeall


Anson Zeall is the Co-founder/CEO of CoinPip. His love for cryptocurrencies is through the roof! Anson is also the Chairman of the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups, Singapore (ACCESS).

Arseniy "Archie" Kucherenko


Archie is a the go-to guy for all technologies related to cryptocurrencies. His experience in the technology space (and his grand vision) is priceless for CoinPip. During his free time, the only thing he talks about is security: The security of CoinPip customer and merchant assets.

Alexander Angerer


He calls himself the "accountant" for the team, but his experience and connections in the financial industry allows him to be the point man for anything related to money and finance for CoinPip.

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